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102SB Powered Box Subwoofer - 8" 100 watt    700 € 350 € Τεμ.
212SB Powered Box Subwoofer - 10" 125 watt    900 € 450 € Τεμ.
10eCSB Powered Corner Subwoofer - 10" 180 watt 1.500 € 750 € Τεμ.

SB-Series Box Subwoofers

No quality home theater or music system is complete without the ability to effortlessly reproduce the last one-anda-half octaves of sound—the deep bass. A powered subwoofer provides the deep bass that adds drama to the action scenes in a movie and makes music come alive. Clean, powerful deep bass is what separates a great sound system from a merely good one.

Atlantic subwoofers use the same design approach in all our subs—from low-priced to high—to produce consistently realistic, convincing bass effects. Our subs vary in how loud they’ll play and what size room they’re most suited to. But our quality doesn’t vary. Big room or small, from loud to soft, the sound quality of an Atlantic Technology subwoofer is always top-notch.

Our subwoofers include powerful low-distortion amplifiers and low-resonance, long-throw drivers, housed in a heavilybraced, non-resonant sealed box enclosure. We have chosen this “acoustic suspension” approach because it ensures smooth, uniform bass all the way down to the lowest audible frequencies with no unwanted peaks or dips. It does not hype any frequency and it never falls into the trap of substituting loud, muddy “one note” bass in place of accurate, extended, natural response.
High-Performance Drivers – Long-throw composite cone drivers with vented motor structures and oversized, high temperature voice coils. These powerful drivers have very stiff cones that act like a pistons throughout their operating range. Their massive motor assemblies and high temperature component parts deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Sealed Enclosure Design – Sealed enclosure woofer designs are inherently low in distortion, and deliver deep smooth bass response with a gradual and predictable roll-off below resonance. As with all Atlantic Technology subwoofers, we have paid close attention to providing accurate musical bass reproduction along with terrific special effects.

High-Current Amplifiers – The output stages of these amplifiers are capable of very high current delivery for exceptional driver control and cool operation. They have been precision matched and equalized to our rugged drivers.

Together they deliver powerful, controlled bass with great articulation and authority, with a useful in-room working frequency range of 25Hz to 150Hz.
Many subwoofers offer specifications that look great on paper, but in the real world deliver less than promised.

Atlantic Technology subwoofers are over-designed to ensure that they will deliver their rated performance in your room, when properly placed and adjusted.

Adjustable (40Hz to 140Hz)@18dB per Octave Low Pass Crossover – The steep upper end roll-off slope of 18dB per octave allows for much better bass integration with the satellite speakers while making the woofer less localizable.

Complete Hookup Flexibility – The subwoofers each have two low level inputs and two low level outputs. The outputs allow daisy chaining of multiple subwoofers, or as a return path back to the processor.

Phase Invert Switch – This switch allows precise acoustic matching with satellite speaker systems whose output may be phase reversed. This switch also allows you to compensate for unusual room acoustics that occur when the woofer is physically separated from the main speakers.

Front Panel Level Control (422 SB) – Allows convenient adjustment of subwoofer level.

Automatic Standby Operation with LED Indicator
Automatic standby features signal sensing turn-on with a 7-10 minute turn-off delay. There’s a multi-color LED status indicator that lets you know when the unit is on or in standby. Automatic Standby can be defeated by placing the rear-mounted switch in the ON position.

10eCSB Corner Subwoofer

You want great bass. You don’t want to see the subwoofer. You don’t want to cut your walls. Think all is lost? Well, now you’re a winner with Atlantic’s In-Corner Subwoofers.
This new model, the 10 CSB, utilizes a super heavyduty driver that can really pump out the bass. It’s shaped to snug unobtrusively right into the corner, out of sight, but definitely not out of ear! Cornermounting the sub actually reinforces the bass, in addition to hiding the sub. The days of the “ugly box” sub are gone forever—and no walls to cut!

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