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AT-1 H-PAS Tower Speaker - Gloss Black Fleck 3.900 € Ζευγος

Εκθεσιακο ( demo ) -50% 1.950 € Ζευγος

The AT-1 H-PAS Floorstanding Loudspeaker

For most audiophiles, listening to a pair of AT-1’s for the first time on demanding material with extremely low bass is a bit of a shock. Loudspeakers of this modest size with a pair of small 5¼-inch woofer-midrange drivers just “aren’t supposed to do that”—shake the room. But the AT-1’s deliver that kind of impact. Even at moderate levels, there is a degree of bass power combined with acoustic detail rarely experienced in speakers of any size or price. In the case of the AT-1, hearing is believing.

Feature List

  Revolutionary patented H-PAS technology delivers extended, dynamic bass
  Atlantic’s exclusive Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT™) for wide dispersion
  Cross-Design Free Flow (CDFF™) bracing assures solid, vibration-free cabinet
  Dual audiophile-grade 5-way binding posts for hookup flexibility
  Luxurious, hand-rubbed gloss black finish with metallic sparkle


The AT-1 uses the highest-quality gold-plated 5-way binding posts to ensure the best connection possible. Dual sets of posts are provided to allow for bi-amplification, when the very highest quality installation is desired.
In addition, a 3-position tweeter level control makes it easy to adjust for different listening room acoustics or personal preferences.
Die-cast aluminum feet ensure a stable, secure installation platform. The adjustable spikes grip solidly on any floor surface, and the spikes can be easily set to different heights, to compensate for uneven floors or to cant the speaker back slightly for improved HF projection in very large rooms.

Aesthetics and Performance

A smoked glass top with rubber isolation pads gives the AT-1 a world-class appearance and protects the cabinet from stains and mars.The curved side panels are finished in a luxurious gloss black paint with subtle metallic flake highlight, applied in a multi-coat process and hand-rubbed to a lustrous shine.
The H-PAS vent at the bottom of the cabinet is precisely calculated to be a certain percentage of the drivers' total radiation area. About 6 inches deep into the cabinet from the opening of the vent is a cross-hatched metal "debris guard" that prevents small objects from entering the speaker.

Quality Materials, Innovative Design

The crossover in the AT-1 uses the best components available (1% tolerance), hardwired on custom-tooled epoxy boards. Leser speakers traditionally use 10% tolerance components hand-wired on masonite boards.
The AT-1's innovative tweeter is a complete "system" onto itself. An oversized 4mm treated textile surround (rarely found on any tweeter, at any price) gives this transducer exceptional excursion, which facilitates its low 2kHz crossover frequency. An integral aluminum back chamber reduces the tweeter's resonant frequency to 700Hz  The aluminum rear chamber also functions as a massive heat sink that allows for a greatly increased voltage drive through the HP x-over section, for great power handling and extended output levels.
A convenient wire management system ensures a neat installation, and allows for the use of virtually any cable imaginable. Note the leather-grained surface, which is present on the rear, top and front baffle section (behind the grille).

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