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4200eLR THX Select® Front Channel Speaker 1.700 € 850 € Ζευγος
4200eC THX Select® Center Channel Speaker 1.000 € 500 € Τεμαχιο
4200eSR THX Select® Dipole/Bipole Surround Channel Speakers 1.500 € 750 € Ζευγος

4200e THX Home Theater System

C.O.R.E. Technology
The Atlantic Technology System 4200e represents the culmination of our efforts to develop the world’s fi nest moderately-priced home theater speaker system. Compact, elegant, but extremely powerful, the 4200e features Atlantic’s exclusive C.O.R.E. (Custom Optimized Room Enhanced) Technology, for perfect acoustic and visual integration in a typical living room or den.

• Unique, use-optimized surround and center channels designs
• Satin black finishe
• Same tweeter and driver confi guration as our top of the line systems
• THX Select Certified
• Front channel acoustic controls
• Tilting center channel
• Switchable dipole/bipole speakers
• Magnetically attached metal grilles

The System 4200e builds on much of the exhaustive research and technology incorporated in our groundbreaking, state-of-the-art systems, the highly acclaimed System 8200e and System 6200e.
As a result, the 4200e delivers superb sound with all movie and music formats.
The Sum is Greater than the Parts
Getting a home theater system to sound “just right” is no easy task. A multi-channel speaker system should sound seamless, rather than like a collection of individual boxes. As voices or
effects move across the room, the handoff from speaker to speaker should not be perceived as a series of singular events, but instead, as a continuous smooth transition. In developing System 4200e, we have taken extraordinary care in this process.
The key to the 4200e’s outstanding performance is that all of the system’s individual loudspeakers have been optimized specifi cally for their intended use. Although customizing the
speakers is more costly for us—it requires three very different acoustic designs, expensive tooling, and task-specifi c cabinets—the sonic payoff is tremendous.
We sincerely believe that within its price range—or even well above—it is one of the fi nest speaker systems available. Once you see and hear it for yourself, we are confi dent you will agree.

• The Front Channel Speakers
The front channel speakers in System 4200e utilize two 5 1⁄4” (135mm) custom long-throw drivers flanking a custom 1” (25mm) soft dome tweeter. We utilize identical driver technology (and in some cases, the identical drivers!) as in our own System 8200, the best that Atlantic has to offer. The result? System 4200e shares the sonic signature of its award-winning big brother.
• The Center Channel
The 4200e C comes with a unique tilting base so the speaker can be aimed at the listener’s ears. The audible benefi t of this design is precise intelligibility of voices, dialogue, and on-screen effects. The days of “What did he say?” are gone for good.
• The Front Channel Controls
At the movies or a live concert, everyone wants the best seat in the house. It’s the same way in your living room— you want the best possible sound, no matter where the speakers are placed and regardless of the room’s acoustics.
All three front channels of the 4200e address this problem. Utilizing Atlantic’s C.O R.E. Technology, each speaker comes with two controls that help customize the speaker to your individual room.
• High Frequency Switch - The speakers have a threeposition tweeter level switch to compensate for overly refl ective or excessively damped room acoustics, so the speakers’ sound is never too dull or too “bright.”
• Boundary Compensation - Placing a center channel speaker directly on a large-screen TV, or installing a left/ right speaker in a bookshelf unit can cause a major buildup of lower midrange energy from what speaker engineers call “boundary effects.” The result: voices and instruments can sound unnaturally thick and heavy. We developed a circuit that counteracts this problem. Activating the boundary compensation switch will return the lower midrange to its natural, uncolored state.
• Switchable Dipole/Bipole Surround Speakers
The goal of the surround speakers is to replicate the sound of the large array of surround speakers found in the best commercial movie theaters, without using 20 or 30 speakers like in the movie theater! The best way to do this is with a pair of dipole speakers, where speaker’s two pairs of drivers operate out of phase with each other. Set for “Dipole,” the 4200e SR’s
create a diffuse soundfi eld that is virtually impossible to pinpoint by ear. The 4200e SR sounds like a large array of speakers, enveloping the listening room in startlingly realistic three-dimensional sound effects. Whether it’s wind rustling in the jungle or the mechanical echoes in a submarine, you are simply “there,” in the scene, without the artifi cial directional effects from an ordinary surround speaker that would spoil the otherwise perfect sonic illusion.
However, for multi-channel music, especially pop or rock, you might prefer to have more precise localization in the surround channels. In that case, the “Bipole” setting (where all four drivers operate in phase) is best. Set that way, the 4200e SR delivers a more precisely localizable sound pattern that can be very dramatic with high-impact popular music.

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