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1200LR Front Channel Speaker  550 € 275 € Ζευγος
1200C Center Channel Speaker  400 € 200 € Τεμαχιο
920LR Front Channel Speaker  450 € 225 € Ζευγος
102SB Powered Box Subwoofer  700 € 350 € Τεμαχιο

Systems 920-1200, Compact Home Theater at its Best

A state-of-the-art flat-screen picture is only half of the full home theater experience. Without great sound to go with that big picture, you aren’t getting the full theater treatment. Yet even though many people want the benefits and “wow factor” of home theater sound, they won’t give up the room for big speakers.
With this dilemma in mind, Atlantic has developed three new systems that, while relatively compact in size, deliver the kind of performance that has previously only been available with larger speakers.
These new loudspeakers are actually a set of “acoustic building blocks” for assembling a system perfectly suited to any room and budget, but one that still maintains a consistent tonal balance. This insures that any mix of different 920/1200 speakers will always sound “right.” As sound travels around the room from one speaker to another, the transition should be seamless in order to maintain sonic believability.
The key to the extraordinary sound of these new systems is the advanced design of their drivers. The drivers are the heart of a speaker, much like the engine is the heart of an  automobile. Instead of inexpensive paper-cone “fullrange” drivers, the System 920 and 1200 utilize sophisticated mid-woofers and soft dome tweeters that produce exciting, articulate, realistic sound, very much in the tradition of our award-winning $20,000 System 8200e.
We consider the Systems 920 and 1200 to be the best values in Atlantic Technology’s history.
• Unique, use-optimized surround and center channels designs
• Keyhole mounts on LRs and SRs and • ¼”-20 inserts on LRs
• Satin finishes.
• Same tweeter and driver configuration as our top of the line systems
• Center channel acoustic controls
• Tilting center channel
• Switchable dipole/bipole speakers
• Magnetically attached metal grilles

920 and 1200 LR Front Channel Speakers
The 1200 LR speakers are high performance two-way systems intended to be mated with a quality subwoofer, such as Atlantic’s own 102 SB, 212 SB or 422 SB. Each speaker houses one 4½ inch GLH (Graphite Loaded  Homopolymer) mid-woofers and our sophisticated 1-inch soft dome tweeter.
The 1200 front channel speakers are housed in a solidly constructed cabinet that includes integrated decorative side panels. The panels also add mass to the cabinet, minimizing any spurious, unwanted resonances.
The 920 and 1200 LR satellites utilize use a single GLH driver and the same 1-inch tweeter.
Designed for smaller spaces such as dens or bedrooms, these speakers are ideal for front, center, and rear channel applications where cost and size are a consideration.

1200 C Center Channel Speaker
These speakers employ closely-grouped M-T-M driver arrays for optimum coverage of the listening area. In addition, as with all of our center channel speakers, they come with a unique tilting base so the speaker is always precisely aimed at your ears. This aiming capability ensures high intelligibility of voices, dialogue, and onscreen effects.

High Frequency Tweeter Level Switch - The 1200 C has a three-position switch to compensate for ‘live’ or ‘dead’ room acoustics so the sound is never too bright or too dull. The high frequencies will always be in perfect proportion.
Boundary Compensation - Placing a center channel speaker directly on a large-screen TV or in a bookshelf unit can cause a buildup of lower midrange energy that makes voices and instruments sound unnaturally thick and heavy.
To compensate, we’ve developed a boundary circuit that counteracts this problem. When activated, the boundary compensation switch will return the lower midrange— particularly male voices—to its natural, uncolored state.
The 1200 C center channel shares the same design approach as the 2200 C but its smaller size and lower cost make it better suited to smaller rooms.

We Finish the “Finish” The 920 and 1200 come in satin black. Their integrated side panels offer a degree of elegance just not found in loudspeakers at these prices. They also have heavy-duty, curved metal grills that are far more sophisticated than the flimsy plastic-frame grilles usually found on inexpensive speakers. One look at these speakers will reveal the care and detail that went into their development.


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